About Us

GTB is.... a versatile group that presents an excellent verity of fun danceable song favorites from the fifties, sixties, seventies to present hits. Great vocals, Horns, Patter and quick paced sets are a trademark of this seasond band. Every member of The GTB is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word; all have their own unique brand of wit; and all bring an intense passion for music and performing to every single gig. They're always happy to meet fans, so be sure and say hello at the next performance.

Skip Craun- Drums, Vocals

The band's 'skin specialist', Skip is the heartbeat of the Band. More than just pounding out a time signature, Skip interacts with his fellow musicians, working his runs and fills around their own, augmenting the snap and pop they deliver. Complex beat patterns never confuse the rhythm; he realizes that his service as a metronome for the rest of the band is critical to a snappy, professional performance, when to play; when not to play—Skip knows the value of a well-placed pause during a tune,

Gene Thorpe - Guitar, Harmonica. lead and backing vocals

Gene Thorpe has been part of the Sacramento music scene for decades, both as a performer and an entrepreneur. While you don't often hear Gene play a lead during their shows, when he does, it is always polished to perfection, whether it's a sweet solo from the 50s, or a blistering blues riff. His sense of timing is steady, putting just the right choice of feel into the tunes.

Allen Purdy - Bass

Allen is a great person and has played in some of the finest bands in Northern California. Some bass players are really just frustrated guitarists, and their style often conflicts with the other instruments in the band because they don't truly understand the power of the bass and its position in an ensemble. Allen does!

Clark Calvert - Sax and Vocals

After my experience doing this for over 265 years, I believe he is the best all around Sax guy I've ever seen live. All that and he is a great humen being on top of it all!